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Engineering delightful product experiences 

Hi! I'm Sohan. I love to create products that doesn't just solve a problem.

They leave a lasting impression on the users' minds. Great product experiences are a result of a perfect storm of technology, design and user empathy.

Over the years, I have worked with brands such as Amazon, Signzy, Sunstone to name a few. In my free time, I endulge myself in music, coffee and learning.

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Engineering Excellence is a must

Curiosity creates innovation

Empathy leads to delight

I strive for engineering excellence. It comes from grit, determination and a relentless yet disciplined pursuit of the goal. Failures are a part of engineering process and without a systematic way to gracefully embrace failure, I doubt anyone can be a successful engineer.

I am curious, I am constantly learning. I derive great joy and pleasure from learning, improving and creating. That is one of the reasons I love engineering. It is one of the very few fields where you get to learn about diverse problems in order to solve them.

Empathy is a quality that is incredibly difficult to learn, its a innate ability to understand and see things from others perspectives in order to appreciate the problem, and often saves one from getting demotivated in the face of challenges.

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Work Experience



Jun 2022 - Present

I started working at amazon on June 2022, its been a great journey as I work at the state-of-the-art systems dealing with content sensitivity at a global scale.

Image by Emanuel Haas

Eder Labs

Dec 2021 - Apr 2022

I joined Eder very early and been part of key decisions centered around architecture and business. I love privacy and I love their enthusiasm around privacy preserving AI.



Apr 2019 - Nov 2022

Joined as an intern and fresher, to working with Citibank onboard our video KYC systems, I have worked a lot in Signzy and till this day, have some of the best friends while working at signzy.

My Projects

Image by Uwe Hensel

AZTEC Encoder


It is a python based project that aims to encode and decode AZTEC 2D barcodes. This isn't a scanner, but a low-level encoder/decoder. I had to read through papers and specs to write it.

Image by Emanuel Haas

Sudoku solver


It is my attempt at coming up with a sudoku solving algorithm all by myself, without using backtracking, or using backtracking as the worst case.

Image by Emanuel Haas


Created and modified some APIs, and worked with microservices to improve their workflows. It was very pleasant to work with them. The brands I have consulted are Sunstone and PiChain Technologies

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